40% of Simulator Lessons

DriverEd is currently experiencing an exciting time of innovation. We have purchased an ECA FAROS Driving Simulator from France which is due to arrive in early 2022. In the meantime, we are using an older machine that functions the same, to train ourselves and clients.
Together we can drive safer and smarter.


Simulator Training

A simulator is a device that places the student in a situation that resembles real driving. The student controls the commands which are the same ones as those of a real car. They see on a screen an environment comparable to what they would see when actually driving (Michel Roche, 1998).

What are the advantages of a driving simulator?

  • It decreases the anxiety of the student. The training is better than in real and sometimes stressful environments.

  • It visualises things that one cannot see in a real vehicle. For example, slipping of the clutch.

  • Because the driving environment is entirely controlled, it makes it possible to concentrate on one teaching objective at one time.

  • It makes it possible to follow a progression established in advance and to evaluate the assets in a methodical way.

  • It makes it possible for the student to experience frequent situations that are not safely recreated on the road.

  • It is without risk and thus authorises the experimentation of dangerous situations.

At DriverEd we have a state-of-the-art driving simulator from ECA FAROS to train our students.




Research shows that students trained on a simulator are up to 66% safer in their first two vulnerable years of driving.



Research shows that these simulators teach students 3x faster than on road only trained peers.



Research shows that speeding infringements are heavily reduced for those trained in a simulator.


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